Dominic Foscato


Mr. Foscato serves as a Principal within GE Healthcare Partners responsible for the overall design and implementation of solutions. He also oversees thought leadership and solution development. Mr. Foscato has deep domain expertise in improving clinical operations, implementing enabling technologies, optimizing revenue cycle and patient access functions for healthcare providers to deliver more effective patient care and financial performance. He also assists clients with activating strategy, leveraging GE's world renowned management and leadership systems.

Mr. Foscato has consulted for over 13 years with providers in hospital, medical device and professional fee organizations across the country in many types of non-profit providers, including: AAMCs, IDNs, Community and Pediatric Hospitals. He has extensive experience in acute healthcare including operations and management consulting within complex organizations.

He has a double major from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with focus on Management and Human Resources & Marketing.