Industrial Internet For Healthcare

Download The Industrial Internet @ Work, a new report from GE Chief Economist, Marco Annunziata, and GE's Director of Global Strategy and Analytics, Peter C. Evans, exploring how the Industrial Internet, predictive analytics and new machine-human collaboration in the workplace can significantly boost productivity, create new jobs and skills, and minimize unplanned downtime in major industries.

Re-visit the second annual Minds + Machines conference that took place on October 9, 2013, with these videos of the livestreamed sessions.

GE PredictivityTM for Healthcare

GE Predictivity Solutions for healthcare connect the dots across assets, doctors and patients to help healthcare organizations around the world address new and pressing operational and productivity challenges. Suddenly silos of information are connected so caregivers can help prevent, diagnose, treat and cure new health challenges they face every day.

With GE expertise enabling brilliant machines, predictive analytics and empowered people, you can care for more patients. Improve clinical effectiveness. Optimize care across entire populations. And reduce costs through maximizing the performance of your assets and people.

With Industrial Internet technologies,
GE Healthcare is enabling caregivers to spend less time navigating the system and more time caring for patients.

For a clinician, this means quickly getting the diagnostic information they need, when they need it.
For a patient visiting the ER, it means less waiting for results.
For a hospital trying to keep track of assets and provide quality care for thousands of patients, it means improved productivity and reduced costs.
For healthcare systems, this means managing costs while helping to enhance care.

Why is this important?

The Industrial Internet is not just about creating newer, smarter systems in a tech-enabled world. It’s about connecting caregivers with the brilliant machines that provide more accurate information than ever before in an easily accessible way so they can care for patients in a healthcare system that’s facing new challenges every day.

For Whom?

The Industrial Internet transforms care delivery across the healthcare system and impacts patients, caregivers and healthcare leaders:

It helps eliminate data fatigue for caregivers, allowing them to spend less time with devices and inefficient processes and more time with patients
It can help strengthen the patient-caregiver connection and delivers a more informed healthcare experience
It helps eliminate unnecessary waste for providers, allowing them to reduce costs and deliver personalized care across entire populations
It helps minimize business disruption for healthcare CEOs, CIOs, government and other healthcare administrators and leaders as they address an aging population and changing healthcare needs

Hospital Operations Simulation

HoF SimSuite is a cloud-based software application that allows customers to make their hospitals more efficient and improve patient experience. It enables providers to quickly design and test a range of operational scenarios and understand the impact on patients, staff capacity and cost. Clients have used it to design more efficient new hospitals, redesign care delivery models and plan for growth in specific service lines and overall emergency department growth.

Challenging healthcare economics have led hospitals and health systems to take a fresh look at operational performance as a driver of financial stress. Our technologies and services bring key operations activities into a single view—driving efficiencies, reducing cost and improving patient care.