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Bringing Hospitals Together to Offer Faster Stroke Care

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The Saturday Evening Post recently profiled the latest advances in stroke identification and treatment. Author Wendy Braun discusses the importance of quickly recognizing stroke symptoms, the heightened risk of stroke for women, and the benefit of hospitals combining to form stroke systems of care.

Profiled in the article is the story of St. Luke's Episcopal Health System in Houston, TX. With the assistance of GE Healthcare, St. Luke's built advanced communication links with other Houston-area hospitals. Now, physicians in suburban or rural areas can quickly communicate with St. Luke's primary stroke center to deliver speedier, coordinated treatment.

One specific highlight is of stroke victim Leslie Welborn. Located three hours from downtown Houston, Leslie suffered a stroke and was transported to his rural hospital. Read how the St. Luke's system of care allowed the physicians to collaborate and treat the stroke with a high quality of care.

Author: Wendy Braun, The Saturday Evening Post



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