Step 1: Annual Salary and Employees

To assess the value add/loss of the performance of your organization, begin by inputting the average salary of a particular category of staff.

Enter Annual Salary

Enter Number of Employees

Select Accountability Multiplier

Select the given level of accountability for the category of staff.

  • Individual
  • Department/Team
  • Organization

Rate or apply current allocation of staff across performance levels. All percentages must total 100%.

Performance Rating Groups

Current % Employees

Far Exceeds Expectations:
Exceeds Expectations:
Fully Meets Expectations:
Partially Meets Expectations:
Did Not Meet Expectations:
Total: 0%

Step 2: Results and Fine Tuning Opportunity

Performance-Driven Total Value Add/ Loss

Desired State
Top Performers (Value Add) Poor Performers (Value Loss)
Current  - -
Desired  - -
Difference - -
Net Gain From Moving to Desired State -

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